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Revamping Camping, or Stay-at-Home-Delights.

Muir Woods

Summer is winding down, and so many families are staying home right now. Many of us have pretty much used up all our tricks to un-bore the back yard. Seems to me it’s time for a Camping Revamping.

I love the thought of sleeping in nature, waking up with the sun, enjoying the fresh air, but, I’ve never been a fan of the food. A gorgeous vista, chirping crickets, a cozy fire and… MREs? I mean, hot dogs and baked beans are fine, but why not make the meals match the experience? A few years back my sisters and I did a two-nighter, which was actually fabulous. (original post here.)

With August 10th being S’mores Day in the U.S., here are some ideas that make enjoying the outdoors more delicious, and just a tad fancy. If you do have a camping trip planned, give them a try. Or just heat up the grill or light the back yard fire pit and have some stay-at home delights.

One of my most popular blogs of all time is Muffins on the Fire. They’re really tasty, and super fun. It’s a great way to get kids involved in making breakfast or a snack. Or (get this!) Chocolate Orange Cupcakes! Swap out the muffin mix for cake mix, voila. Here’s the video.

Muffins in the Fire
Fresh baked muffins

Sure, you’ve done S’mores… but have you done Souped up S’mores? It’s a S’mores-gasbord! Here’s that video.

Tamara Souped Up SMores
Mmm. S’mores.

Who’s ready for some Fancy Camping? Barbequed Berry Bruschetta provides some fine-dining touches for you stay-at-home outdoorsy types. Link to video here.

You can even make my Herbalicious Salmon on the grill. It’s easy, and sooo good. Video link here.

Herbalicious Salmon

That’s my Camping Revamping, Backyard Un-Bored edition. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable remainder of the summer. xxoo, T

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    August 12, 2020 at 11:41 am

    So many good recipes here Tamara. I love a good s’more. It’s really the only time we eat one- when we camp.

    People are changing up their summer routines. You are right. Camping is a thing these days.
    Ken and i stayed on Mount Diablo a few years ago. The problem began when we realized there was no plug to inflate our mattress! Ugh. Then there were raccoons fighting just outside our tent.
    Not exactly a relaxing trip. We couldn’t wait to get home back to our comfy bed.

    But it’s a great activity for the kids.

    Enjoy the last days of summer.


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