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Hello and welcome to my brand new blog!

This is a very exciting prospect for me, and I look forward to what the future of this space will become.

This idea began with a first-in-a-long-time trip to Europe in 2002.  Friends and family were interested in what I was finding and doing on my daily outings there, so I wrote them about all my discoveries.  From hats at Harrod’s to pastries in Paris, they got it all.

At Christmas that year, while visiting my parents, I met some of my Mom’s friends for the first time.   I was shocked to hear them say, “Oh, I’ve read your travelogues.  What fun!”

I didn’t know that my family had forwarded my emails. But much to my surprise, like my family, even strangers were interested in my stories, and couldn’t wait for my next trip; they said they felt like they were there with me.

I do love sharing the sights and smells of new places, as well as comic moments, mistakes and discoveries.

So here I will share my thoughts about travel and art, food and crafting.  There will be recipes and photos, instructions and traditions, as well as some quirky bits (just like me!)

I think of this venture as a sort of new home for me, so in the tradition of many societies, here are some housewarming gifts:

Wine – So you will never go thirsty; may your home bring you happiness and joy.

Bread – So you will never go hungry.

Candle – May you always have light.

Coin – May it bring good fortune for the year.

Salt – It represents life’s tears, you can also use a pinch at threshold of each door and window for good luck; may it mend all wounds.

Broom – With it, sweep away the evil, (and maybe some of that leftover salt) and your house will always be clean!

Honey –It represents the sweetness of life.

Welcome all of you, to my new home.  I hope you’ll find a comfortable place here, to rest, enjoy a repast, learn a tradition, visit somewhere new, and add something wonderful to your life.

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