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Make Something Beautiful! Wineglass Shades

(I’ve written an update to this post, you might want to see the newer designs! Click here.)

I’m rushing to make some great food and pretty atmosphere for my Thanksgiving guests.  I have beautiful china on which we will be serving dinner.  But the china’s got lots of pastel colored flowers on it.  It’s definitely not an autumn palette.

Rather than buy new dishes, I’ve pulled a couple of colors from the china and decided to interpret those colors in their more bold shades to make things look a little more appropriate for the season.  And instead of spending a bundle on accessories, I’ve made some matching lamps out of wine glasses and vellum.

I simply cut out the vellum using regular scissors (click here for template), and used decorative scissors along the bottom edge.

Wine Glass Lampshades

Next I got a large rubber stamp (mine is 4” x 6”), loaded it up with purple ink and pressed the vellum onto the stamp.  Because the stamp is very large and ornate, I could slightly overlap the printed edges to give complete coverage.

Next I did a “test run” for the shades, fitting them over wine and champagne glasses to get different effects.  Once the size was determined, I simply punched holes near the top and bottom and fit a tiny decorative brad inside the holes to secure the sides.

I added some beaded flourishes to the edge of one shade, and there you have it, simple to make, pretty custom-made accents for your table.  If you like, each guest could have one!  Enjoy your holidays.

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