Big Changes Are Coming!

Hey y’all! Tamara here. Well, it’s about that time. I’m updating my website and blog. Yippee!

For those of you who have been loyal subscribers, and followed me for a while… Hi! Thanks SO MUCH for your support. Now, an apology. It seems that my blog and website are so damned “classic,” that whenever I make certain changes to anything on the site, you (and I) get notified by email with some random old post. It’s kinda spammy, but I can’t do anything about it. Sorry!

There have been so many changes and sales of companies and pandemics, and all sorts of other modifications, that I can no longer access that original subscriber list. Can’t alter it, can’t stop it, can’t do stinkin’ anything! Curses!!

But I can offer you this: I’ve got some new content, new posts, new videos, and general news coming soon. So if you’re still up for hanging out with me and my shares, subscribe below. (You’ll need to resubscribe if you want to see new stuff!) Can’t wait to tell you about all the big ideas I have. Thanks, my friends. Big hugs.

Tamara Stirring

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