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“A Penny Saved” — My New Book (In Honor of Lucky Penny Day)

To commemorate Lucky Penny Day, and with the hope that I garner a little extra luck today, I’m thrilled to announce that … I’ve written a book!

This is my first foray into the world of publishing, and I’ve chosen the iBook platform. Technically, the book falls in the ‘”Enhanced eBook” category and, if you’ve never seen one, you’ve got to check it out. Along with text and graphics, these highly interactive books include pop-out glossaries, hyperlinks, photo galleries, instructional video, and a host of other high-tech thingamajigs all at your fingertips. For my latest work it means a myriad of possibilities for viewing and learning how to make your own precious, penny pieces.

P1050114 Lucky Leaf Hero 2 copy

I discovered Lucky Penny Day was a holiday just last year (which was fortunate, indeed!), when I first published my blog entry on how to make a Lucky Penny. (See the original post HERE.)

I thought it was a lovely time to remind us of one of those happy childhood superstitions:

“See a penny, pick it up, all day long, you’ll have good luck!”

Pennies tend to be a bit more scarce in the world than in the past, and the U. S. Treasury has even considered halting the minting of my favorite little coin!

But until they do, I’ll continue to pound, stretch, color and stamp on them.

A Penny Saved, Make Beautiful and Stylish Jewelry for Pennies… From Pennies! contains 5 projects, is available on iTunes, and can be viewed on an iPad.

If you missed my segment on Home & Family, here it is:



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