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Shamrock Toffee Pretzels

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!  Here’s some cute, quick, and easy food fun for St. Patrick’s day.  One lucky leprechaun even called them ‘magically delicious!’

Start with tiny twist pretzels and sticks.  Add some fabulous toffee (find my recipe here), and if you really want to push the St. Paddy’s day theme, top with a few green M & Ms.

Be sure to arrange the pretzels on your silicone or foil sheets before starting the toffee, because it cools fast, and you won’t have time to stop!  You’ll want to use a ladle to put the toffee in the middle of the pretzels, and CAREFULLY add M & Ms while the toffee is hot (major opportunity for burned fingertips!).

These pretzels are a snack staple in our family, often requested by friends.  I’ll take any opportunity to make them.  Enjoy, and Erin Go Bragh!

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