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The Best Reasons to Buy Vintage Gifts

It’s the holidays, the pressure is on to buy the ideal gift. You’re looking for something that’s just right… romantic, unique, personal. Here’s a solution for anyone looking for the perfect present. Buy Vintage Gifts!

Here are the The Top Five Reasons to give Vintage Gifts.

1. Romance
There’s nothing more romantic than giving a gift that speaks to what she means to you. How about giving a memento from the Hotel where you stayed on your Honeymoon. Or perhaps a fabulous antique fob necklace with her initials on it.

Vintage China from Paris Hotel Boutique.com

2. One-of-a-Kind
When you buy vintage, there’s no other gift like it. And why buy a reproduction, when you can have the real thing? And come on… don’t we all really want something that no one else has?

3. Quality
Let’s face it, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to! Modern lockets are all engraved by machine and are all duplicates. Vintage pieces are engraved, cut, polished by hand. Vintage craftsmanship… the gilt work, the carving, all done by artists.

4. History
Each piece is like a little peek into the past. The history of a vintage gift reflects the timelessness of your relationship.

Antique Vesta — Match ‘safe’ from ParisHotelBoutique.com

5. Start a collection
This could be the year your loved one makes you a collector. Buy a vintage tray, or a beautiful bracelet. Next thing you know, you’ve started a collection!

Hotel Silver tray from Paris Hotel Boutique

Vintage gifts show thought and care. And you don’t have to search the world over to find them.

Bonus sixth reason: Buying vintage is the ultimate in recycling!

Internet has created a contemporary twist on hunting for antiques. Gone are the days when you have to sort through junk at estate sales or rummage through thrift stores. With just a few clicks, rare, special treasures are at your fingertips.

Give a gift they’ll never forget.
www.TamaraJewelry.com and www.ParisHotelBoutique.com

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