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Today’s craft on Home and Family was a versatile one… whew!  We found Craft Attitude inkjet printable film at the Winter Craft and Hobby Association’s trade show (aka CHA).


I demonstrated how to apply it to wood, fabric and LED candles (you know, the battery-operated ones).  My favorite application was the candles.  Covering candles with this film is a beautiful way to spruce up simple decor — imagine decorated candles at a wedding or romantic table-setting.

You can find the film here at Craft Attitude.  It comes in packages of 8 sheets, for $16.99.  The packs are categorized for wood, fabric, etc., but the material inside the packs is the same, they just package it with different names to illustrate its versatility.

A couple of tips I’d like to offer after working with the film:

It’s pretty tough.  If you don’t place it perfectly the first time, don’t give up!  Just carefully peel it up and reposition.  But do this before the adhesive dries!

When printing pictures, use images with rich colors — very light pastels don’t show up.  When using graphics, choose fonts with bold strokes.

Once the film is positioned on a surface, gently ease out any wrinkles or creases with the pad of your finger.  It takes patience, but will be worth it in the end.  Promise.

The film is transparent.  Consider this when working with heavily-textured fabric, wood-grain, and dark colored base objects.

The film can stretch a bit.  Let that work for you when placing on items with curves.  Think of it like lycra yoga pants.  Or not.

The film has a matte and a glossy side.  When the page is loaded into a printer, the image is printed on the glossy side.  This side can be placed facing out, but the image is then vulnerable to wear.  If you choose glossy-side-out, you may want to use a clear coat to protect the image.


This film is great for simple projects, but we saw beautiful, elaborate multi-layered collages on canvas.  Wow!  Once you master basic projects, try a more complex design.  You’ll like it!

When you work with the film — send me pics!  I’d love to see what you come up with!

Happy crafting — make something beautiful!

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